Why Wear Flip Flops Back Straps?

6 Things You Oughta Know About Flip Flops

NSpired Visions Joins Sandal Harness

NSpired Visions Joins Sandal Harness

Sandal Harness is so excited with its new NSpired Visions partnership.  NSpired Visions offers handcraft items in Christian/inspiration t-shirts, gift baskets, prayer boxes and so much more.  Over the next few weeks various exciting handcrafted items will be added to Sandal Harness site.  

Thanks for shopping Sandal Harness.


Flip Flops Foot Health Starts With You

Flip Flops Foot Health Starts With You

Oh there is an outrage about flip flops for those who don't care for them anyways.  However, these flip flop haters bring some valid concerns to the table that us flip flop lovers should think much about and consider before we slide our feet into these comfy, but not so comfy do-dats.  

I myself not too long ago, realize there was reason to be concerned when wearing my favorite on-the-go shoe (should I call it that know), more slip-on and go.  Well, anyways in my younger years didn't care or even think about it much.  When taking long walk...

Most Half Sandal Harnesses Now Available Kidz Sizes

Sandal Harness don't want to leave the children out.  Sandal Harness is not just a trending flip flop back strap accessory, but a support to ensure our flip flops are secured to our feet to reduce the risks of body ailments and accidents caused when wearing flip flops.  So, as parents we want to make sure our children feet/bodies are in good health and lessen their boo-boo's when they are out and about in flip flops.  Get a pair or two for them today, they are totally cool...