Flip Flops Foot Health Starts With You

Posted by valencia mackie on

Oh there is an outrage about flip flops for those who don't care for them anyways.  However, these flip flop haters bring some valid concerns to the table that us flip flop lovers should think much about and consider before we slide our feet into these comfy, but not so comfy do-dats.  

I myself not too long ago, realize there was reason to be concerned when wearing my favorite on-the-go shoe (should I call it that know), more slip-on and go.  Well, anyways in my younger years didn't care or even think about it much.  When taking long walk in my flip flops, my feet/legs and lower back hurt.  I just thought it was from walking too much; however, time does catch up with you and one day I was strolling through Wal-Mart and discovered these bad boys (true to the name) was the cause of all my foot frustration.  

I had been dabbling creating barefoot jewelry, so decided to think of a way to keep my flip flops from flopping causing me such agony; and came up with the Sandal Harness/flip flop back straps, you now see today.

These good boys (flip flop back straps) took me out of my misery.  Now I just slip-on and go (no foot ache and no headache).  Well, what problem did these little gadgets solve for me - my heel no longer hurts and I don't get craps in my big toes after walking for a prolong time, etc.  Now, be mindful to the fact that any prolong wear of flip flops with or without a flip flop back strap one has to take in to consideration the type of flip flop being worn.  Oh, yes - there are quite a few tips one must be mindful of when you get ready to slip on those bad boys (flip flops).  Although comfy and cool they can lead to serious issues; whether injuries and/or your health.  

If you think about it flip flops is like wearing any type of shoe - you have to know how to wear it and what not and to do when wearing to get the best wear.  So don't ding flip flops so bad when it is our responsibility to know how to wear a shoe.  Check out the few tidbits I give at www.SandalHarness.com.  

Good luck with all your shoes experience and make sure your feet are safe and secure when wearing flip flops.