Face Masks

Dust, wind, particles, sneezes, coughs slow the blow - wear a mask 😷 - something is always better than nothing. Better Than Nothing face masks minimizes touching of face and blocks some of what would otherwise land on a naked face, if properly use. Our face mask not only gives a protective layer, but are breathable (100% cotton with non woven layer) and designs are unique and can be worn as a fashion accessory year round. Reversible for the versatile individual.

Your 3 layered mask will be made when ordered. Since the face masks are handmade there may be color variation in tie-dye or multi mingled color patterns (Example: Smile Face Mask).

Due to the nature of our product, we do not issue refunds, exchanges and/or cancellations; however, if you have an issue with face mask, please email me.

Always, remember BTN face masks are not meant or intended to replace a surgical mask or N95 mask. Please consult with your medical provider about wearing face mask, if you have a medical condition.