How To


**To ensure your Sandal Harness™/flip flop back straps fit properly, please purchase the correct size. If you wear Havana flip flops, please purchase the next size up from your size; or if your foot is wide (order size up) or narrow (size down).  Example:  shoe size 7-9; if foot size is 7 narrow - order size 6 (size down); if foot size is 9 wide - order size 10 (size up);  if size 8 narrow or wide should be fine with size 7-9.  Flip flops backs straps are to be attached and worn as described; not intended for other use or to be worn with any other footwear other than flip flops.

The full Sandal Harness™ has a body (two straps to circumference the ankle) and a ring at each end (ring without hook and ring with hook).  These rings will be attached to flip flop posts.  See directions and video below:

  • take the 1st ring with no hook, and wrap it around the inside flip flop post
  • pull the body of the sandal harness through the 1st ring to secure it to the flip flop post.
  • slip your foot through the body
  • take the 2nd ring with hook and wrap it around the other (outside) flip flop post and secure it to the hook inside the ring (skip next step and go to last bullet)
  • or instead of slipping your foot into the body, you can simply connect the 2nd ring to the second post and then slip your foot into the body adjust flip flop and sandal harness accordingly

See video below for brief demonstration:




To in stall the Half Sandal Harness™, simply eliminate the step of putting your foot through the full sandal harness body; as the body now is one strap. Wrap the one strap behind foot and secure as noted above.

**There are three types of half Sandal Harness™/flip flop back straps and a different install for each.  Videos coming soon.  The ring hook method is noted above.