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Pineapple Body Bag™

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Please order your customized Pineapple Body Bag™️ request.  We will contact you within the next 2 business days at time (CT) window you select to review and determine if we can process your order.  Please select one time time window, if multiple times are selected the first one will be used.  If you have any questions regarding request submission email  We look for to speaking with you and your order.

Flip it or shift it; get versatile with the Pineapple Body Bag™ the reversible drawstring bag that no young lady should be without.  Flip, adjust it and wear it like you like it.  Drawstring bag can be worn as a front bag, back bag, sling bag, cross-body bag or shoulder bag; just move and/or adjust the drawstrings.

Remember, these bags are handmade and no two are exactly alike.  There will be minor imperfections; but such imperfections is what makes the body bag so perfect.

Due to COVID no returns and/or exchanges; however, please contact with any questions and/or concerns prior to or after receipt of order.

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