Glimmer Hook&Go Face Mask Harness™

Sandal Harness™

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Glimmer Hook&Go Face Mask Harness™

Keep your mask tight with Face Mask Harness™️. Works best with adjustable thin ear cords. However,, can worn with various ear cords. Harness can be positioned on back of head in various positions or back of neck to keep mask snug and secure to head.

Like Lays potato chips you can’t have just one. Comes in a variety of shades, styles and colors.

Hues of purple, red, blue, black, white, grey, beige and brown. Each with shimmers of silver metal streaks grafted into elastic hues to set each piece off.

One size fits most.

Video shows how Face Mask Harness™️ is worn.

Content: Elastic and wire

Sold individually.

Instructions: Attach Face Mask Harness™️ hooks to face mask straps; if straps are adjustable, adjust straps accordingly to get the perfect snug fit. However, if straps are not adjustable, move the harness starting behind the neck working the way up the back of head until a snug fit is obtained.

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