General Information
How easy is it to put on Sandal Harness™?
 Answer: It is too easy - click "How To".

How easy is to remove Sandal Harness™?
 Answer: It is too easy - click "How To".

Product(s) Durability/Small Parts
Our products are durable; however, when excessive force is used they can and/or will break.  Products contain small parts and not suited for small children.  Please exercise supervision when worn by children.
Processing, Shipping & Delivery Times
What is the standard order processing time?
 Answer:  ALL Sandal Harness™ items are hand made (made to order online); therefore, our standard processing for any order is within 2 business days from receipt of your payment confirmation from Sandal Harness™ payment providers.  Normally, payment confirmations are received within 24 hours after you make your purchase.

How long will it take me to receive my order?
 Answer: Orders are shipped within 48 hours (business days) after order is processed.  Based upon where you live and the US Postal Service, unfortunately, if you select standard delivery or given the option to ship free - delivery times vary. You have option to ship 'Priority' which will place your order at the top of our order processing list and put your order at your door in approximately 2-3 days after receiving email from Sandal Harness™ advising your order has shipped; not the "order is being processed" email.

Will I receive tracking information for my order?
 Answer: No. Tracking information for your order will only be provided, if you selected priority delivery.  Otherwise, an email will be sent advising your order is being processed and will ship soon, via regular US mail.

Do you offer free shipping?
 Answer: We do! We offer free shipping on any order over $50 in US and/or during special promotions.  Free shipping cannot be combined with any other offer.

Returns & Exchanges

Can I return or exchange my purchase?
 Answer: Any regular priced items can be returned within 14 days from receipt of purchase within Return guidelines.  Click here.  Return shipping will be your responsibility. If you would like to make a return or exchange, please contact us first at customerservice@sandalharness.com.

Can I cancel my order? Yes, prior to order process.  Orders cannot be cancelled once the order process has started.  If you need to cancel your order, contact us immediately at customerservice@sandalharness.com.

If my order is damaged in transit, what do I do?
 Answer: While extremely uncommon, damaged packages can happen. If you should receive a shipment in which the contents were damaged in transit, please contact us at customerservice@sandalharness.com. We will arrange to send a new order.