Sizing & Flip Flops Do's/Don'ts

**To ensure your Sandal Harness™/flip flop back straps fit properly, please purchase the correct size. If you wear Havana flip flops, please purchase the next size up from your size; or if your foot is wide (order size up) or narrow (size down).  Example:  shoe size 7-9; if foot size is 7 narrow - order size 6 (size down); if shoe size is 9 wide - order size 10 (size up);  if size 8 narrow or wide should be fine with size 7-9.  Flip flops backs straps are to be attached and worn as described; not intended for other use or to be worn with any other footwear other than flip flops (light sandals).  For flip flops with shorter than average thongs, please purchase the next size up from your size.  


DOs & DON’Ts
Most importantly always remember the Do's and Don'ts noted below according to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) to ensure your flip flop experience with the Sandal Harness is a good one.


  • Shop for a high quality and/or soft leather flip flop
  • Bend flip-flop from end to end to make sure it bends at the ball of the foot
  • Make sure feet don't hang over edge
  • Clean your feet and flip flops
  • Wear a back strap per APMA (offer stability and prevent sprains and twisted ankles)
  • Have arch and heel support


  • wear flip flops for years
  • ignore any type of foot irritation, especially between the toes
  • wear when walking long distances
  • wear flat flip flops
  • wear flip flops without back straps